Muramic Acid
Muramic Acid, cas 1114-41-6
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  • Catalog Number : CMT-59013

  • Category : Carbohydrates

  • CAS Number : 1114-41-6

  • Molecular Weight : 251.23

  • Molecular Formula : C9H17NO7

  • Application Notes : Amino sugar found (as the N-acetyl derivative) in peptidoglycan, the main skeletal component of the bacterial cell wall. The N-acetyl derivative of muramic acid is an amino sugar that constitutes the peptidoglycan bacterial cell wall of Gram negative and Gram positive bacteria. Muramic acid is used as a chemical marker for the detection of bacterial contamination.

  • References :Stout, J., et al.: Soil Biochem., 5, 1

  • Synonym : (R)-2-Amino-3-O-deoxy-D-glucose;

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