Sodium D-Gluconate
Sodium D-Gluconate, cas 527-07-1
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  • Catalog Number : CMT-85219

  • Category : Carbohydrates

  • CAS Number : 527-07-1

  • Molecular Weight : 218.14

  • Molecular Formula : C6H11NaO7

  • Application Notes : Sodium D-Gluconate has use as an additive in processed foods, with the potential to improve taste. It has also been shown through study to alter gene expression in the colon of colorectal cancer model subjects. This is the labeled isomer.

  • Synonym : BVD Addicrete; Clewat GL; Disparlight DV; EMF 1240; GL-P; GL-P (gluconate); Glonsen; Glucon SGA 60; Gluconic Acid Monosodium Salt; Gluconic Acid Sodium Salt; Helshas A; Monosodium Gluconate; PMP Sodium Gluconate; Pasexon 100T; Resitard P 608A; Sodium D-gl????

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